Midweek Special Menu – £15.95 per person
Plus exclusive to midweek menu only – FREE bottle of house wine per couple 

Antipasti – Starters                                       Piatti – Mains                                                Dolci – Desserts
Choice of any 1:                                                  Choice of any 1:                                               Choice of any 1:

Asparagus,                                                           Bistecca Diane,                                                Cheese Cake,
Meatballs,                                                             Pollo Boscaiola,                                                Tiramisu,
Melon con Proscuitto Crudo,                           Rack of Lamb,                                                   Profiteroles,
Prawn salad,                                                        Duck Da Vinci,                                                Panna Cotta/Creme Brule
Cannelloni.                                                           Spaghetti Bolognese.


Lunch Time Menu – £6.95 per person

Antipasti – Starters                                      Piatti – Mains
Choice of any 1:                                                  Choice of any 1:

Minestrone Soup,                                               Chicken Caesar Salad,
Soup of the Day,                                                 Lasagne,
Meatballs,                                                            Spaghetti Carbonara,
Prawn Salad,                                                       Penne Vegetarian,
Pate,                                                                       Margarita Pizza,
Camembert.                                                        Spaghetti Meatballs.

Lunch served from 12pm – 5pm


Exclusive Sunday Menu – £9.95 per person

Antipasti – Starters                                       Piatta- Mains                                             Dolci – Desserts
Choice of any 1:                                                   Choice of any 1:                                           Choice of any 1:

Fungi Ripiena,                                                     Duck Da Vinci,                                             Apple Pie,
Fungi Alla,                                                            Pollo Amalfi,                                                 Chocolate Fudge Cake,
Duck Rolls,                                                            Spicy Calzone,                                               Profiteroles,
Melon Gondola,                                                    Spaghetti Meatballs,                                  Cheese Cake.
Costolette Deliziose,                                            Penne all ‘Arrabiata
Lasagne.                                                                 Vegetable Lasagne

Any pizza of your choice

4 course menu – served from 12 noon – 10pm


Exclusive Seafood Special (Mondays Only) – £11.95 per person

Antipasti – Starters
Choice of any 1:

Home made seafood with salad special
Seafood Chowder
Homemade seafood soup made by our chef with his very own unique recipe
Seafood Cocktail
Prawns, calamari, cockles, mussels, bell pepper and red onion in white wine and olive oil dressing and mixed leaves.
Calamiri Rings
Deep fried squid served with green salad and lemon and garlic sauce

Piatti – Mains
Choice of any 1:

Frutti Di More Cacciatore
Mixed seafood served in a delicious tomato and red wine sauce, served with chips
Dressed Crab
Served with bread and chips
Grilled Tuna Steak
Served with a tomato, oregano and olive sauce, served with vegetables
Grilled Seabass
Served with a white wine and wild mushroom sauce, served with vegetables